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We have a host of enclosures and areas for you to enjoy on the day

The Lonsdale Enclosure

The Lonsdale Enclosure

This is the most sought after location opposite the Queen’s Stand and next to the Winning Post. Space in this enclosure is strictly limited, as it has fantastic views of the whole day and a chance to get on the rails.

On Investec Derby Day only open topped double-decker buses are admitted, but on Investec Ladies' Day we can accommodate single and double decker buses.

Investec Ladies' Day £1100

Investec Derby Day £2500

The Upper Tattenham Enclosure

The Upper Tattenham Enclosure

Stretching from the Stands to the famous Tattenham Corner, this popular enclosure accommodates both single and double decker buses and coaches.

There’s always a great atmosphere, excellent facilities and views of the racing across the unique magic of the Downs. We only have single decker buses in the front row and single or double deckers in the back row.

Investec Ladies' Day
Front row £400
Back row £250

Investec Derby Day
Front row £1100
Back row £900

The Walton Enclosure

The Walton Enclosure

Situated next to the Lonsdale Enclosure, the Walton offers the chance to be close to the racing action, without the expense of bringing an open topped double decker bus. Both single and double decker vehicles can be parked in this enclosure.

Investec Ladies' Day £175

Investec Derby Day £675

The Hill

The Hill

The Hill is the famous area at the centre of the racecourse and is usually the heart of the party as people flock to its unique carnival atmosphere.

Investec Ladies' Day £100

Investec Derby Day £300

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